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Monday, 6 September 2010

Intake Upgrade - Joe Z (D-Afi)

Joe Z Direct Air Flow Intake (D-Afi)

For those who might be aware, lexus offer a performance improving intake system for the IS250 called the The F-Sport High-Flow Air Intake. This system consists of slightly re-designed lower airbox, a re-usable dry filter, and a polished, clear-coated aluminum tube. It claims that the breathing, is improved. It uses the existing Lexus filter enclosure top, but replaces the bottom half with a specially designed and reshaped intake which produces a deeper, more powerful intake sound that varies with throttle applications and generates a small increase in rear wheel horsepower. Pictured below:

This kit costs around $400 plus shipping. and because of it's value, the import duty and VAT on it will be high.

So I decided to get the Polished Joe Z Direct Air Flow Intake (D-AFI) pipe instead. It is much cheaper at only $125. This pipe replaces the factory plastic tube of the stock intake system, fully utilizing the stock air box. The intake pipe inner surface has a smooth design that claims to give your oem system optimal air flow without any disruptions. It's also claimed that independent DYNO Test results on a stock manual 6 speed IS250 showed gains of 6+ Rwhp Max Power & 5.6+ ft.lbs of Peak Torque.

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