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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Carbon Fibre Steering Switches

DIY Guide on carbon fibre wrapping steering wheel control Switches

So I got bored with the switches on the steering wheel on my Lexus IS250. They seemed quite basic to me and seemed to blend in too much with the rest of steering wheel material. So I decided to change it to carbon fibre style.  

So I decided to compile a DIY guide on how to remove the steering wheel control switches and wrap them in 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap

Here is a picture of the finished product followed by the link to the DIY guide:

Click here for the DIY guide

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Calipers Painted BLACK

Calipers Painted BLACK with WHITE Decals

About 8 months ago I purchased a set of decals and also a black colour high temp engine enamel paint for my IS250. I never got around to painting my calipers or installing the decals.

Since the weather was good, I decided to do this mod today. This is how the finished caliper looks now:

Click here for more details and more photos.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Intake Upgrade - Joe Z (D-Afi)

Joe Z Direct Air Flow Intake (D-Afi)

For those who might be aware, lexus offer a performance improving intake system for the IS250 called the The F-Sport High-Flow Air Intake. This system consists of slightly re-designed lower airbox, a re-usable dry filter, and a polished, clear-coated aluminum tube. It claims that the breathing, is improved. It uses the existing Lexus filter enclosure top, but replaces the bottom half with a specially designed and reshaped intake which produces a deeper, more powerful intake sound that varies with throttle applications and generates a small increase in rear wheel horsepower. Pictured below:

This kit costs around $400 plus shipping. and because of it's value, the import duty and VAT on it will be high.

So I decided to get the Polished Joe Z Direct Air Flow Intake (D-AFI) pipe instead. It is much cheaper at only $125. This pipe replaces the factory plastic tube of the stock intake system, fully utilizing the stock air box. The intake pipe inner surface has a smooth design that claims to give your oem system optimal air flow without any disruptions. It's also claimed that independent DYNO Test results on a stock manual 6 speed IS250 showed gains of 6+ Rwhp Max Power & 5.6+ ft.lbs of Peak Torque.

Click here for more information.